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Naperville Electrical Contractor

Industrial electrical services are great for companies wanting to upgrade their electrical equipment in the industrial facility. Retrofit the circuit breakers, industrial lighting system, material handling system or any part of the industrial production line such as the oven, dryers and compressors.

Naperville Low & Medium Voltage Systems

Installing and upgrading low and medium voltage electrical systems are critical for a well run application and/or facility. Medium voltage systems in Naperville include transformers, backup generators, process control and more. However, low voltage systems in Naperville include projects such as CCTV, WIFI installation and other project such as fire alarms and low voltage automation systems.

Naperville Industrial & Commercial Lighting

Installing, maintaining and upgrading lighting systems in warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities with LED lighting systems or other specialty lighting for retail stores and parking lots are the specialty of Butterfield Electric. We analyze every industrial lighting project and commercial lighting project to understand your open space and design a lighting system that is cost effective, saves energy and takes advantage of the rebate programs.

Naperville Material Handling

Butterfield Electric works on material handling projects in Naperville. We complete the entire material handling process beginning with the concept development through design, engineering and specification development. Our Naperville material handling team has experienced project managers, and implementation services to ensure maximum productivity of every project.

Naperville Control Panel Design & Fabrication

A Naperville UL508A certified control panel design and fabrication specialist, Butterfield Electric has extensive experience as a mechanical and electrical system contractor ensuring that your production lines run flawlessly. We’re able to help you design the control panel, design the schematics, manufacture and test the control panel as well as perform the PLC programming.

Naperville Industrial Equipment Electrical Contractor

Butterfield Electric, an industrial equipment installation and repair electrical contractor services companies in Naperville for industrial ovens, heat transfers, industrial freezers and more. Our team of electricians install, maintain and repair electrical power and wiring systems for a variety of industries including food, beverage, manufacturing, electronics and more.