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Industrial & Commercial Lighting

Industrial lighting contractor, Butterfield Electric in Chicago, IL, provides industrial lighting and commercial lighting solutions for warehouses, manufacturing facilities to commercial strip malls and parking lots. Industrial and commercial companies come to experience the benefits of new, energy efficient lighting fixtures such as light reflectivity, increase employee morale and productivity as well as cost savings to your utility bill.

Our electrical technicians are experienced in an array of electrical lighting projects including upgrades, retrofits, maintenance, repair, new construction and building renovations. We are committed to excellence in all that we do ensuring each electrical lighting project meets the goals and expectations of our customers.

Industrial Interior Lighting

  • Industrial and warehouse interior lighting
  • Industry lighting such as food, beverage, manufacturing, electronics and more

Commercial / Office Interior Lighting

  • Interior Lighting, Incandescent, Fluorescent and New LED Lighting
  • Dimming & Lighting Control Systems
  • Retail Store Lighting
  • Low Voltage Lighting Solutions

Exterior Lighting

  • Parking lot lighting including installation, repair, maintenance, retrofit
  • Parking garage lighting including installation, repair, maintenance, retrofit

Butterfield Electric can resolve all types of electrical lighting problems such as buzzing lights, dimly lit rooms are large spaces, constantly changing out burnt bulbs and more.

We begin the process by analyzing the space needing a new lighting system. We'll take the time to understand the environment, space utilization and peak energy consumption and times of efficiencies. After we present our findings and gain your agreement, we'll create a layout lighting design and implementation schedule that includes working with ComEd to realize the full potential of the rebates.

The lighting project will be installed by electrical lighting contractors experienced in making the project go as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.