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Downers Grove Electrical Contractor

Downers Grove industrial electrical contractor works with a variety of industries such as manufacturing, food, beverage, warehouse, retail and more. Butterfield Electric delivers high quality customer service for all your electrical projects.

Industrial Electrical Services in Downers Grove

Updating older equipment or replacing lower quality workmanship is essential to maintaining a high performance facility. Our job is to help keep your operation in compliance, energy efficient and safe. Learn more about our industrial electrical services.

Downers Grove Low and Medium Voltage Electrical Power

Low voltage services are projects are critical to your company’s operation, but can’t be done internally. Low voltage projects include voice and data cabling, CCTV, fire alarms and more. Our electricians in Downers Grove are a great source for getting these projects completed on-time and within budget. Learn more about low voltage service projects.

Medium voltage services includes 600 volt to 34,000 volt equipment and cabling in Downers Grove. Our electricians understand the type of projects that are essential to maintaining your operational effectiveness. We’ll help with process controls, retrofits, upgrades, conduits and more. Get a full list of projects now.

Industrial Lighting in Downers Grove

Warehouse and manufacturing lighting, strip malls and large parking garages need lighting that is energy efficient. Whether it be retrofits or upgrades, Butterfield Electric in Downers Grove, IL will help to keep your exterior lighting or interior lighting project within budget with excellent workmanship and result. Get more information on Butterfield Electric's industrial lighting services.

Downers Grove Material Handling Projects

Material handling projects are all unique. Our Downers Grove team of electricians can help from concept development to engineering to implementation. Tell us about your electrical, mechanical, or automation project and our material handling team will do the rest. Learn more about our extensive material handling services.

Control Panel & Fabrication in Downers Grove

UL508A certified, control panel design specialists in Downers Grove, Butterfield Electric retrofit and create new control systems, taking advantage of the most proven technologies to solve your operational and production challenges. Learn more about our control panel design, fabrication services.

Downers Grove Electrical Services for Industrial Equipment

Installing and repairing the electrical systems on your industrial equipment is what our team of electricians work on every day in Downers Grove. We’ll help you get your industrial ovens, fluid handling equipment, industrial freezers and more working efficiently and effectively saving you on energy costs. Get more information about our electrical services on your industrial equipment.