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Chicago Electrical Contractor

Industrial electrical contractor in Chicago knows how to implement successful projects in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, food, beverage, warehouse, retail and more. Butterfield Electric consistently delivers high quality customer support for electrical projects in your city.

Industrial Electrical Services in Chicago

Industrial electrical services such as electrical upgrades, electrical retrofits and electrical systems found in new construction are common applications in commercial and industrial companies in Chicago. Companies are constantly assessing their facilities and office space in Chicago. When relocation becomes a cheaper alternative, Butterfield Electric can help move your entire company or just the operational facility’s electrical system. Learn more about our industrial electrical services.

Chicago Low and Medium Voltage Electrical Power

Low and medium voltage electrical systems are the most common electrical services since low voltage and medium voltage systems keep your organization safe and your operation running smoothly. In Chicago, many medium voltage projects typically include panelboards, voltage switches and conduit installation to name a few. For companies in Chicago demanding low voltage systems, these can include CCTV, fiber optics, fire alarms, automation projects and the like. Learn more about low voltage service projects.

Industrial Lighting in Chicago

LED lighting systems, specialty lighting, exterior lighting or other interior lighting by a licensed contractor in Chicago understand how to install, maintain and upgrade industrial lighting projects. Giving you the highest quality workmanship and analyzing your industrial lighting project and commercial lighting project in your office or facility, we create a detailed design that is cost effective, energy efficient and takes advantage of rebate only in Chicago! Get more information on Butterfield Electric's industrial lighting services.

Chicago Material Handling Projects

Butterfield Electric is a one-of-a-kind electrical contractor that has the experience and technicians to work on material handling projects in Chicago. We have the expertise to project manage the complete material handling process from concept development through design, specification and engineering. Our Chicago electrical team material handling team of electricians ensures maximum productivity on every project. Learn more about our extensive material handling services.

Control Panel & Fabrication in Chicago

Butterfield Electric is a UL508A certified control panel design and fabrication specialist in Chicago. Our electrical team has extensive experience working as a mechanical and electrical system company working to keep your conveyor lines and production lines operational. Our skilled fabrication specialists and electricians design the control panel, schematics, manufacture and quality control test the control panel. Our company performs the PLC programming ensuring the best possible control panel solution for your facility. Learn more about our control panel design, fabrication services.

Chicago Electrical Services for Industrial Equipment

Industrial ovens, industrial freezers, heat transfers and more are serviced by Butterfield Electric electricians skilled in industrial equipment installation and repair. Our team of electricians install, maintain and repair electrical power and wiring systems for a variety of industries including food, beverage, manufacturing, electronics and more. Get more information about our electrical services on your industrial equipment.